How we are different

Welcome to Haynes dental – experts in healthy teeth

At Haynes dental, our core focus is you. So many people avoid going to the dentist for fear of being told off. All this does is stop people getting necessary treatment and leads to their problems getting worse. We will never tell you off for needing dental treatment.

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What we will do instead is give you some tips about how to keep your teeth healthy outside of the dental surgery.

Our aim is always to help people keep their teeth for life. Your oral hygiene and dentistry before coming to us doesn’t matter in the slightest, nor does the condition of your teeth. Whether you last visited a dentist two or ten years ago what matters is what we can do to help you going forwards.

We are at the forefront of scientific thinking and offer a comprehensive service to ensure that every aspect of your oral hygiene will be taken into consideration.
We want you to love your teeth and remember – no telling off!