Hygienist Services

Contrary to popular belief hygienists are not beauticians! They are highly qualified clinicians working at the front line of preventive dentistry and can provide you with professional treatments to prevent and treat gum disease. Gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss in the UK.

When you come to see the dentist, you may be prescribed to see the hygienist. Hygienists generally work under the prescription of the dentist providing you with an individually tailored treatment programme and oral hygiene advice, to keep you free from gum disease and tooth decay.

We also offer direct access appointments to see our hygienists. This means you can come and see the hygienist without first seeing the dentist, these appointments are longer than our standard hygiene appointments and we will need a deposit on booking.

Remember that everybody should be flossing twice a day – that includes children over the age of 12 – and we recommend dental tape for this purpose.

Sometimes the hygienist may recommend the use of TePe interdental brushes. We can recommend which brush is most suitable for your individual needs – too small and they will do no good, too large and they could cause trauma to the teeth and gums.

Interdental flossing with TePe brushes

We like to see the prevention of gum disease as team work. You are as involved in your treatment as we are. Come along and see us and we will give you a tailor made treatment programme.

What Patients Say

‘I approached my visit to the hygienist with some concern, knowing that I had a few dental health problems. However, it turned into a good experience. Thorough and effective work was carried out on my teeth and I was given some good advice for improving their condition in the future. Whilst undergoing painless treatment, gentle classical music was playing in the background. Dare I say it – I almost enjoyed it!’
C. Smith