Teeth whitening

Why teeth whitening?

If your teeth are stained from general use and ageing, tooth decay, fillings or tartar build-up then they can become discoloured.  Teeth whitening can be highly effective at enhancing people’s appearance, hence why it has become so widely used. It is now popular with both men and women of all ages that are looking to achieve a fresh smile through a short,  non- invasive procedure.

The sheer wealth of whitening products available nowadays can make choosing the right product very difficult.

Please be assured that at Haynesdental we will not sell you something that you do not need or want, and you won’t leave our surgery with unnaturally bright teeth that means your friends need sunglasses!

We are so confident in the current whitening product that we are using that we now only offer one whitening solution – that is how good it is! If you make an appointment with us we will carefully talk you through the whitening process, show you what kind of shade you can expect your teeth to get to – sometimes we can even guarantee it!

Read more below about the different stages of the whitening process.

Chairside Power Whitening

Chairside power whitening eradicates years of yellowing and staining from coffee, tea, cola, cigarettes and red wine – results are instant.

At Haynesdental, we use the latest top rated whitening system.  To ensure optimum whitening results, and allow you to top up yourself, we’ve included in the price custom made whitening trays and whitening gel for home use – this is much more comfortable for you than standard off the peg trays.

Firstly you will need a complimentary tooth whitening consultation to assess your suitability and answer all of your questions. If you decide to have the procedure, the whole process takes just over an hour.

Impressions are taken of your teeth and then soft plastic custom trays are made of your upper and lower teeth. These trays are made available for you to take home with some proprietary whitening gel. You apply the gel yourself in the comfort of your own home and leave the trays in during the day or over-night (for a minimum of 2 hours) every day for two weeks.

After your impressions have been taken at the start of the session, power whitening gel is painted on your teeth after a protective coating has been applied over your gums. Once the whitening gel is in place, it is further activated with a specially designed thermal diffuser. After the initial ten minute cycle, the gel is removed, and this process is repeated. The result is noticeably brighter whiter teeth instantly!

Our chairside power whitening system contains a purer form of the active ingredient and with fewer additives holding back its chemical reactions; it penetrates the teeth to reach the stain molecules much faster.

Whitening Syringes

At Haynesdental we also sell syringes of whitening gel separately so you can top up your at home whitening trays. We sell syringes in (10% Carbonide Peroxide)


What Patients say

I wish I had done it years ago. This is the best thing I have bought in years. My friends didn’t know what had changed, they just knew I looked younger and more healthy’
J Barber.

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